The Titanic

Spicy Crunchy Salmon, Krab and Asparagus topped with Escolar (White Tuna), Steamed Shrimp, Wasabi Mayo, Eel Sauce and Tobiko.

Happy Hour (5-7p) $10
Anytime $13.50


The Santana

Spicy Crunchy Escolar (White Tuna) and Cucumber topped with Salmon, Avocado, Scallion, Sesame Seeds.

Happy Hour (5-7p) $10
Anytime $13.50


The Maybach

Yellowtail, Tempura Chips, Scallion and Asparagus topped with Steamed Shrimp, Tobiko and Awesome Sauce.

Happy Hour (5-7p) $10
Anytime $13.50


Tuna Popz

4 Pieces of Tuna wrapped Cucumber, topped with Avocado, Wasabi Mayo and Fried Shallot.

Happy Hour (5-7p) $8
Anytime $10


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