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September 26, 2017 SoHo Sushi

Prime Pour Is Getting An Upgrade!

“Lemme upgrade ya!”

Our famed Prime Pour program is getting an exciting upgrade starting October 1st.  Gone are the single focus evenings that may or may not fit into your busy lifestyle.  Thanks to Coravin, we’re

broadening our horizons to offer you multi-week features from around the world.  Top rated brands, sold by the glass, at unbeatable prices.  Each selection will be featured for 2 weeks, allowing you enough time to visit… and enjoy!

In addition, we’ll be bringing back our ‘Take The Bottle’ program, giving you an even greater discount on bottles we’ve already opened.   Our Take The Bottle program is a unique program allowing you to take an open feature and enjoy the remainder of the bottle at an extra discount.  Whether you drink the wine at your table or simply take it home is completely up to you!  95% of our Prime Pour features will be using our Coravin.  If you decide to take one of these selections home, your wine will last for weeks to months!


How Does Coravin Work?

Coravin is a needle-through-the-cork system that enables you to siphon wine out of bottles without spoiling what’s left.


When Does The New Prime Pour Start?

We are excited to announce that the NEW Prime Pour will be made available starting October 1, 2017!  Our first selection will be announced on the 1st… We promise you won’t want to miss it!